Your Choice … Always

“Commitment is the essence of identity. Any decision is better than no decision"
Russell Wylie
CEO & Founder, People and Business Insights


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We believe in the power of choice, and we know from experience that the best answers lie within you and us … working collaboratively.

Because of this philosophy and practice, we choose to take you seriously, and where possible, we work to get up close and personal, refusing to categorise or judge you or your business, and we refuse to treat you in any other way, than as someone unique and special … with unique experiences, outcomes and feelings, each of which needs to be understood, appreciated and respected.

As well as understanding challenges and problems, we like to explore what is is good, and working well … and leverage this to get more of it. Sometimes, however, it takes a little bit of work to bring these things to the fore. In order to do this, we have to find out about you, your results, your mission, your goals and your plans, and what you believe is important and valuable.

We know that prescription without proper diagnosis is poor practice, if not malpractice and results in taking us in the wrong direction, and slows things down a lot!. Experience and research has shown us that good choices come from a foundation of:

  • 1. Self-awareness – self-awareness that has been refined by experience, reflection, and in some cases some personal research or study.
  • 2. Authenticity – especially knowing and appreciating your personal talents and skills – the ones that make you uniquely you!
  • 3. And by being aware of the ABC (attention, balance, clarity) in your life.
  • A. relates to Attention – Where is your attention currently being placed
  • B. is about Balance – What is the balance of that attention, and what is the balance in your life? Are you over emphasising or under emphasising certain parts of your life?
  • C. zeroing in on Clarity – Are you experiencing sparkling clarity, or is it possible that you might be experiencing some blind-spots in where your attention is being placed or not placed?

Most people, today, are experiencing stress and frustration in various parts of their lives. Because of this they find it difficult or confusing to respond to situations and to make worthwhile choices.

Essentially, this is because of a condition never found in medical books, but which is eating away at so many people today. The science of archaeology allows us a unique insight into this pervasive and erosive condition. We understand this as “Soul, Role and Goal frustration, stress or anxiety.

Soul frustration is when a person realises that they are not being who they truly are. As a consequence their self-esteem and self belief can suffer. The great thing about human beings is that we can consciously choose and condition ourselves to change. To do this we need a strong, resonant and evocative outcome and payoff – physically, mentally, financially, and most importantly emotionally.

Role frustration is when a person realises that they’re not doing what they really value. As a consequence, this often leads to disengagement, resentment and in some cases passive aggressive sabotage.

Goal frustration occurs when you realise that you are not where you want to be, or think you should be.

You choice ... Always - Think and Grow Rich - 2020 - People and Business Insights
You choice ... Always - Make it happen 2020 - People and Business Insights

To do something about this we need to shift our attention, adjust our balance, and improve our clarity.

Many people find this difficult as they are living under the “tyranny of the shoulds”.

You will hear them use words like “I ought to”, “I must”, “I should”, I have to – when people use these words it is an indication that somewhere in their mind they are operating without a sense of choice.

In essence, they are “shoulding” all over, and subtly positioning, themselves as victims! You know, this is but one step away from creating a “P.L.O.M. (Poor Little Old Me, ‘Ain’t Party)

A mind touched by a new idea never returns to its original dimension. It can be blocked for a short while, by wilful blindness and chosen resistance, however the new idea or knowledge will never go away.

You will always have choice with us, however, we will not position ourselves as rescuers or parents and will challenge you in the most positive and supportive way

We will offer a choice to not only become aware of your possibilities, but to build up strength, courage and confident authenticity in making better decisions and wise choices.

One of the reasons that we do this is that we have learnt over time with the best work and results come from truly collaborative, transparent and trust-anchored projects, where together we:

  • Co-diagnose
  • Co-analyse
  • Co-design (a process and outcome or solution)
  • Co-Implement
  • Co-Review & Evaluate

We make decisions all the time

Choices and decisions are what we do as human beings. We make decisions all the time, even if we are not conscious of doing so, and it’s important to realise, that we believe …

It’s ALWAYS your choice! The investment of time, energy, money & concentration remains entirely yours. This is why we prefer that you buy, and buy into, what may emerge as a commercial relationship … and do so because you have a clear appreciation and integrated view of the …

Exploring and defining these four key elements ensures that you can see with sparkling clarity the:

  • Features – The process, products and services you have available to you
  • Advantages – What they do differently or better than before
  • Benefits – Why they are worthwhile to you and results-focused
  • Solutions – How they will impact in your people, your business and your life (what you & all involved will experience) and how you and they will feel, as a result.

– The Losses, Pain or (unnecessary) Delays that can be avoided, especially, of:

  • Time,
  • Finances or
  • Personal frustration, stress or suffering.

– The Gains we will create and plan for, by ;

  • Instilling ongoing enthusiasm and higher levels engagement
  • Better teamwork
  • Developing innovation that will reduce costs, generate new markets, improve revenues in existing ones, and add to the bottom line

This is achieved by working collaboratively, and in a true sense of partnership on the projects we both define as vital, necessary or innovative to the future of your business … and the success of your personal goals and values.

And, a sprit and practice of belief and good faith, and so we have some “skin in the game”, too. Your decision and choice is underpinned by a 125% Return on Investment Guarantee.

Open-minded? Genuinely committed to change?

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