The Achievement ProcessYour 8 Steps To Success

The achievement process - People and Business Insights
Nothing stays the same forever! Everything changes and people love change. However they dislike being changed or having to change. Leadership is all about change, so learn how to change or change will eat you!

Most people think that it takes 21 days to change or develop a habit. Our work has taught us that human beings operate best when they not only change but also consolidate new or different ways of doing things. This takes approximately 3 to 4 months for permanent change to be embedded and integrated into positive behaviour and communication

Our Unique Process

  • Step 1
    A Focused Business Discussion
    Exploring and Targeting Opportunities,
    Challenges & Key People Leverage.

  • Step 2
    Ensuring that your Key People – those who drive your business, are involved contributors.

  • Step 3
    Leading-edge Analyses, Management
    Coaching Report & one-on-one half day workshop identifying & exploring your:
    1. Personal Talents & Skills Inventory,
    2. Workplace Motivators & Core Values,
    3. Behaviour & Communications Style.

  • Step 4
    Prioritising Key Result Areas,
    Critical Success Factors
    Setting Performance Improvement Goals
    Determining Measurements
    Checking Progress & Celebrating Wins

  • Step 5
    Interactive Leadership Workshops
    Exploring New Knowledge & Skills,
    World’s Best Practice Leadership Development

  • Step 6
    Weekly Action Commitments, Strategic
    Coaching, Positive Accountability &
    New Success Habits, Effective Change
    Management Techniques

  • Step 7
    Weekly Stakeholder Feedback Loop &
    Reports, In-Depth Mid & Post Program
    Evaluations & R.O.I. Check-ups

  • Step 8
    Specialised Mentoring & Coaching,
    Leading Edge Learning & Development,
    Breaking Articles & Special Event Invitations
    (NB: Step 8 involves Separate Fees)

Leadership Analysis

Team Gap Analysis

Your "Success and Self-Discovery Process"

Coaching Contracts

Leadership Learning & Mastery Processes

Development Real Life Application

Change Management
Evaluation & Review

Maintenance & Support


  • 8 steps including: Deep Fact/Feeling-finding, Learning & Mastery, Action, Evaluations
  • Use of a relevant, customised Adaptive Leadership Program/Process
  • Backed up by a 125% ROI Guarantee


  • Structure, Focus and Stakeholder Involvement
  • Performance Feedback, Self-Awareness, Authenticity/Playing to Strengths
  • Responsible use of capital – Immediate Action and On-the job Application


  • No “fluff”, just concentration on high payoff activities
  • Both Incremental & Immediate change – better & new results
  • Time, cost & communication savings – straight to bottom-line


  • Commitment, Full Engagement, Smoother Cooperation
  • Sustainable foundation of attitude, habit & skill base
  • Trust, “Buy-in”, Build up of strong competitive advantage
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