Growing Your BusinessFrom the Strategy to the Operational Level

Small and Medium Enterprise business goes through seven distinct stages of growth. And, your business successfully requires you to be clear and focused to respond effectively to the unique challenge that each one presents.
Growing Partnerships
  • Stage 1: Start Up (1 – 10 employees)
  • Stage 2: Ramp Up (11 – 19 employees)
  • Stage 3: Delegation (20 – 34 employees)
  • Stage 4: Professional (35 – 57 employees)
  • Stage 5: Integration (58 – 95 employees)
  • Stage 6: Strategic (96 – 160 employees)

Each of The Stages of Growth is determined by the level of complexity that exists or will exist within the business, as it grows. The fundamental challenges for a business leader to successfully navigate through these stages of growth, are to:

  • 1- Adapt to the demands of growth and the complexity that comes with it – usually by adding more people into the mix
  • 2- See you around the corner and Predict with some degree of clarity or certainty what is likely to occur next, and to,
  • 3- Focus on doing the right things at the right time.

Growing your business successfully also demands that the management team have absolute clarity on the hidden agents that can either accelerate or retired the growth of the business.

These “Hidden Agents” include what are known as:

  • A- The 27 Challenges – five of which will present themselves in each stage of growth
  • B- The Builder/Protector Ratio which reflects the level of Confidence & Caution currently existing within the business
  • C- The Non-Negotiable Rules for each stage of business growth, which will come back to haunt you and “Bite you in the Bum”, if you do not attend to them!
  • D- The Gates of Focus
  • E- Leadership Style and Leadership Modality (… which are two distinctly different things, both of which demand clarity and flexibility)

The above “Hidden Agents” are what a leadership and management team needs to be aware and focus on, each and every day.

Employees and team members must be focused on “Zeroing In on Your Profit Zone”.

  • They need to know and understand what it costs to open and operate the business every day, and how their role, uniquely, contributes to the company growing, sustaining and prospering. As they become more aware of these things,“the wheat is sorted from the chaff”, and true engagement and commitment flourishes.

Seeing where your company is right now, and what its’ true possibilities are, is something that The Stages of Growth X-Ray. This is a leadership process covering strategy, people and managing change & crisis, that business-owners and managers who are committed and serious about the success of their business, and who don’t want to waste time & resources, always explore and use.

Like to better, adapt, predict and do the right tings at the right time?

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