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Getting a Winning TeamIt will change your reality & build a brilliant work place.

When it comes down to it, this is The No.1 Rule for a manager or leader!

It’s something that needs to be done on a base of values and vision, and your personal commitment as a leader to have the best possible workplace that you can. Getting a winning team is often dressed up in the idea of attracting talent. But that idea is just the beginning, or should I say a third of the process. I say a third of the way because like all great things in life, getting a winning team is preceded by some very necessary and totally worthwhile preparation. And it is outside the trap that most businesses have fallen into of making recruitment an “event” or something that happens every now and again.

And this is usually because either the business has taken off and there is a demand for manpower to fulfil that demand or need; or somebody is no longer a part of the business:

  • They have left the business for reasons you will never understand,
  • They have left for reasons that you do understand – pregnancy, illness, mental health, fatigue, or they have had an accident (either at work or away from work – such as a car accident), they have been sacked, or they may have been poached by another It’s the “breathing in and out” of business life. People come and go.

Getting a winning team is something that a leader needs to see as an imaginary tattoo on their forehead every time they look in the mirror … in simple letters “G.A.W.T.” Attracting talent and getting a winning team is not a singular one-off or “occasional” event.

It is a regular systemic, daily commitment. A commitment that has an embedded scheduled time to ensure it happens each and every day … or when you see it in your diary and don’t do anything about it, it’s there to annoy the living hell out of you because you are slacking off on one of the major things any business leader has to attend to and achieve!

One thing to be absolutely clear about is the role and the elements which make up the role

  • KRI’s – Key Result Areas,
  • KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators,
  • Clear Expectations
  • Time Picture or Time Map

As you’re doing this you will be listening as the job “talks” to you … telling you what it needs, what it must have, when it needs things to be done, and why these things are vital to getting the results that will contribute to the business plan, and which will directly realise the values & vision it contributes to, and supports.

This clarity assists in developing an ideal picture or “benchmark” of the skills, thinking & decision-making styles values, workplace motivators, behaviours and communication that the role needs, and must have in order or excellent performance and results to be successfully realised.
Getting a benchmark for key roles in your organisation or business, provides and promotes a clarity, a resonance and an sense of purpose and achievement, that allows people who have the strengths, the thinking, the drives, passions, behaviour & communication style that the role needs to see, sense and want to be in the roles that your company has available.

Because of this, you are able to remove the biases involved by recruiting in crisis, and instead of interviewing the “best of the rest” (… those that are are simply looking for a way out of where they are), to be engaged in conversations & interviews with meaningful contributors … those that are “the best of the best of the best”

Isn’t that who you want in your team, anyway – the best of the best?

As part of our international association with Innermetrix scientists around the world, People and Business Insights has access to several hundred benchmarks for various roles and jobs, as well as the ability to develop Customised Benchmarks for various existing and emerging roles.

And, the great thing about establishing excellent benchmarks for roles ids the interactive Q&A with scientists and bench-marking specialists like Syd in Dallas, who has the insight, courage and realism to say …

  • “Hey, Russ that is a brilliant Benchmark that you and Rebecca have done! It’s so good, and so precise that only about 1 in 500 0r 600 applicants will fit it! …
  • “How about we adjust the benchmark you’ve done, to be just a little bit more accessible to the data pool of candidates you have in Oz, so your client can actually get someone who is a really good fit for the role, and can be an excellent contributor to the role, not just “Peter or Princess Perfect”, who we’ll spend 12 months finding?”
  • (Thanks Syd … you’re a pleasure to be working with … helping us and our clients to realise their plans a, move to next level and achieve great results!).

We love bench-marking roles, being involved on selection panels (… we were recently involved in the restructuring of 87 executive roles in one organisation) and working with recruitment agencies, CEO’s and other professionals to get brilliant, effective people on-board and be part of “Getting a Winning Team” for our clients.

Feel free to discuss this with us, we’d be delighted to see you enjoying and working with great people who fit and fulfil the roles that are part of your ongoing success!

Teamwork makes the dream work, doesn't it?

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