The Success & Self-Discovery Process

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The simplest, and best definition of “Success” is that it is “… the progressive realisation of pre-determined, worthwhile personal goals”. Your success begins the moment you engage with, and go to work on, your goals.

This is why we encourage you to take stock of:

  • who you are
  • who you see yourself as being, and
  • how others might be seeing you, right now
  • where you are
  • where you would like to be … and most importantly,
  • who you would like to become along the way

All true, meaningful lasting success is built on a base of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and the authenticity of appreciating, and playing to, your innate strengths. Understanding this allows you to access and use them continuously, so that you can always be progressively realising what’s important to you.

Through the breakthrough Science of Axiology, the best work in understanding Values & Motivation, and 90 years of exploration & research into Behaviour, Emotions & Communication, your ability to become:

  • more confidently self-aware,
  • make more informed,
  • better decisions regarding your life,
  • and your work, has never been better.

Individually customised coaching reports to improve your present and future are now available for you, and integrated into the groundbreaking ADVanced Insights Analysis & Leadership Coaching Report (… or any of 9 other uniquely specialised coaching reports).

Discovering and Integrating Your:

  • Talents & Strengths … the personal attributes within you
  • Values & Motivators … the productive passions and enthusiasm you have, that will allow you to totally relax into belief and flow into action, …
  • The Behaviour & Communication Styles

… allows you to tap into the best of you, connect and integrate your values, to get things done with, and through, others, and to achieve what’s really important for you to see and have those things that makes life worth living.

The “magic’ in your ADVanced Insights Analysis & Leadership Coaching Report comes to life during the interactive Soul, Role & Goal-focused discussion of your Success & Self Discovery Process Debriefing.

Why is it so? Well, perhaps what’s explained below, will “bring light” to that question:

Philosopher Henry David Thoreau famously observed that “…. most men live lives of quiet desperation”. This is ever so noticeable in our 24/7/365, “always-on” world, where so many of us …

  • Aren’t who we want to be (or even becoming who we want to be),
  • Not doing things that we value ( …or engaged in work that is meaningful), and …
  • Aren’t where we want to, or think we should be, in our lives.

There are thousands and thousands of people leading lives of quiet, screaming desperation, working over-long hours at jobs they hate, to get credit (… money they don’t really have), to buy things they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like! The net result? Dissatisfaction, stress, and deep internal frustration. What could be described as soul, role, and goal frustration? A natural response for most of us, is to seek something different, or to improve the situation by setting some new goals.

However, If the goal is only as an end-result, then it can be hard to not be dissatisfied … as what you want is still out of range, and you can’t savour the sweet taste of achievement or the satisfaction of fulfilment.
It’s like you’re “treading water” when you should be surfing or on the beach having a frothy beer, a fresh orange juice or a cold white wine!

The way to get rid of this awful, annoying angst or anxiety is to invest some of yourself into a practical and worthwhile session of Soul-setting, Role-setting and Goal-setting.

Talk to us about how to prevent this frustration from eating away at you and how you can use your Success & Self-Discovery Process to realise the true & best you in your life!

  • 2 hour discussion of your unique Thinking Style, Personal Talents & Skills, Values, Motivators, Behavioural Preferences & Communication Style
  • A customised “3 C’s” Approach – identifying & linking the Cooperation, Commitment & Contribution you need from others to operate at your best and linking this directly to your ADVanced Insights
  • Co-ordinating the What (your skills & talents), the Why (your values & motivators) & the How behaviour & communication style) in your ADVanced Insights report with your KPI’s & Personal Goals
  • Personalised Attention (… not glossed over or left to “drift” in a group) with thoughtful exploration of your true needs, goals, & expectations of yourself.
  • Integration with your real-world opportunities so that you can improve communication with the “important others” in your role and your life, and develop new two-way levels of commitment with them.
  • Directly connecting your strengths & values with your roles in life and utilising the ability to make your work a direct “vehicle” to your personal Vision, Mission and Goals.
  • Being taken seriously as an individual with unique circumstances, challenges, values & needs, so you can express the desire, belief & faith within you
  • On-the-job Action & Implementation providing immediate, better & new outcomes. Saving unnecessary time with others trying to “second guess” you and how & where your time is best spent
  • Having the personal knowledge of how to get the best out of you, your roles and your relationships – Having an accurate platform for better personal productivity, performance and results.
  • Feeling respected and understood. Becoming more engaged with your real needs. A genuine boost to your self-belief and self-esteem.
  • The buzz of having true Commitment & Engagement, Smoother Personal & Professional Relationships – and the trust that is generated via improved & better quality Collaboration Teamwork.
  • Having the clarity and confidence of knowing how and where to proceed in your life and your work. Being able to articulate and explain the impact, meaning and feelings you are able to create.
Emotional Intelligence - People and Business Insights - adapted from ideas & concepts from Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatsis, Annie McKee 

Decades of research show that the best leaders and team members are high in emotional and social intelligence skills. These are the competencies that distinguish outstanding performers in the twenty-first century” Daniel Goleman

How much better will you be at processing your world when you have invested in great “software for your mind?”

In terms of personal, professional & business development, do you want to grow, compete and sustain?

Here, at People & Business Insights, we love and use technology and innovation to best effect, wherever we can. What about you?

What recent smartphone, tablets, software and apps have you bought? How does that compare to any recent investment you made for the unique software in your brain and mind? We know that technology and innovation are here to be used, and it won’t replace the human brain (… just yet, anyway!)
However, we now understand especially after examining the top ten skills that the World Economic Forum has indicated are vital for survival & prosperity,

… that we need to upgrade and re-program our internal software – the software of better decision-making, problem solving and emotional intelligence

(NB: You can check these 10 personal skills out on our Home Page)

Are you willing to learn how to create a better future?

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