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All meaningful work done today, is done with and through people. And, people perform at higher and more consistent levels of performance when they have ongoing access to brilliant new ideas & knowledge combined with the encouragement, support, and acknowledgement of a community or “tribe”.

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” Margaret J. Wheatley

This is definitely the case in today’s “gig” economy we are more and more specialists moving to creating new businesses, companies, or choosing to operate as free agent contractors … or in some cases as digital nomads.

Each of these styles of work fosters a large degree of independence and freedom. However, they also, by their very nature, remove many of the personal support structures, individual & group interaction that only ever consolidates when you engage both offline and online – such as a vibrant culture, deep rapport, trusted colleagues and stronger, shared values.

The Team at People & Business Insights and our community is inspired by its mission:

  • To engage and develop one thousand change agents like you, through the best leadership, mentoring & communication programs available; programs … contributing towards you becoming an emotionally intelligent, commercially sound leader and a better human being.

The People & Business Insights Community of Best Practice, is centred around:

The Formal Science of Axiology
  • 1 – A commitment to utilising the Formal Science of Axiology, the IMX Values Index and the most up-to-date behaviour, emotion and communication analyses such as the IMX DISC for positive and powerful change in our world.
Australia - People and Business Insights
Needs Analyses
  • 2 – Becoming excellent at needs analyses, client-centred marketing and selling,
Superb skills in Interpreting & Debriefing
  • 3 – Achieving & Maintaining superb skills in Interpreting & Debriefing the ADVanced Insights Analysis and Leadership Coaching Report … or any of its’ nine over customised variations, using our unique 3 C’s and other processes with one on one or group debriefings.
Adding value +++
  • 4 – We are experienced at adding practical value to you as a members of our community, guiding you through growth strategies, marketing audits and reviewing business models.
USP's & Customer Value Proposition
  • 5 – Together with you, we invest time and energy developing 4 substantial USP’s for your business and ensuring that your customer value proposition is refined, relevant, and rewarding for your clients and potential customers.

The Community Value Proposition

Independent businesses owned by consultants, coaches, business advisors, professional mentors, training and development specialists, organisational development professionals, counsellors, accountants, psychologists, business development specialists and sales trainers who are committed to improving or updating their professional skills and expertise are all welcome

The Community Value Proposition that we work to honour for our members is about …

End of 2019 - BNI & People and Business Insights

Fun, Value & Business!

End of October 2019 - People and Business Insights
  • A – Exploring, demonstrating & teaching the methods for our member coaches and consultants to generate an extra $173,000 – 254,000 of G.P. for their practice or business?
  • B – Using the unique & patented marketing IMX System to extend ideas, refine processes and implement profitable, service-orientated systems from “The Profitable Consultant”,
  • C Growing a strengths based Community of values-centred, success & results-orientated individuals, who actively interact, assist and encourage each other.

“Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it is in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in isolation. We have to stop pretending we are individuals that can go it alone” Margaret J. Wheatley

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