High-Impact Coaching & Mentoring Program

High-Impact Coaching & Mentoring Program (one-on-one) - People and Business Insights

Become crystal clear with your judgement & decision-making

Decision-making can be hard when you have to do it completely by yourself, or for reasons of privacy, not include other people.

It’s even harder when the situation is critical or urgent, and you need a “sounding board”, or an “unreasonable friend”, who will challenge your ideas or thinking, and make sure you are clear and confident in your judgement & decision-making.

High-Impact Coaching & Mentoring Program

High impact coaching takes into consideration several critical elements, and often if need will utilise a S.M.E.A.C. Approach:

  • What’s the Situation right now?
    • Let’s determine this as clearly and quickly as we can.
    • Let’s get the information we need as openly, honestly and transparently as possible


  • What’s the Mission that must be achieved as soon as possible?


  • How will we Execute our objectives now, and in the immediate future to achieve our mission and resolve the situation?
    • What will we/do we need
  • Administratively and in terms of logistics …
    • Who, and how will take responsibility; and how we handle this?


  • Command and Coordination
    • Who has the necessary information, authority and budget?
    • Who is in charge, and in what circumstances?

Our high impact coaching approach is a very focused process of intelligent situational analysis, wise capability-checking, strategic and tactical thinking, relevant goal-setting & planning … and results-orientated action.

Utilising 30 years of experience and success working with high-performance individuals, business owners and teams across all sectors – SME’s, franchise groups, agribusinesses, company boards, the tech sector, start-ups, turnaround scenarios, conflict resolution, executive teams, innovation groups in the corporate, government and not-for-profits, we have strategically wise, deeply practical perspectives from which to draw upon.

A combination of both support, challenge and lateral thinking, together with a wide network of resources both nationwide and internationally, allows us to be able to leverage options, connect you with relevant specialists, if needed. So, that solutions can be found & implemented, quicker, and more effectively than most.

A single conversation with a wise man is better than 10 years spent reading books

  • Ten hours over one day, one week, a month or 10 weeks
  • Thinking, Skills, Values, Motivators, Behaviour & Communication “Check-up from the Neck, up”
  • S.O.A.R. Planning & Goals – strengths, opportunities, aspirations, results thinking & planning
  • Immediate focus, clarity and impetus to action, avoiding any sort of procrastination or delay
  • Complete & accurate assessment of the available personal & professional resources
  • A strengths-based, opportunity-orientated, results focused approach to the immediate challenge
  • Development of refined self-awareness, authenticity and improved judgement & decision-making
  • Being able to deploy the necessary & effective options, quickly discarding unnecessary distractions
  • The self-respect and trust in your own decision-making and problem solving, facilitated and reinforced by an objective supportive mentor
  • Confidence emanating from Commitment, Engagement & Concentrated Action
  • The thrill & the pride of designing, applying and realising success – collaboratively and individually
  • The pride and satisfaction of being authentic, playing to your strengths & creating quick wins

Your One-on-One Mentor

  • Russell Wylie

    Our CEO, Community Builder & Axiologist

    Our CEO, Community Builder & Axiologist , People and Business Insights

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Colleagues are a wonderful thing – but mentors, that's where the real work gets done.

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