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The Need for Future-Proofing

The Need for Future-Proofing:
Today business owners, leaders and managers are faced with the very clear need to identify, recruit and engage key people, both from within and outside of their organisations, and to bring their strengths & talents into play, in order to survive, succeed and prosper, in today’s “free, perfect & now” environment.

They know that they are now part of the virtual and global marketplace; and that their best talent, and their previously protected customers’ attention (… and “share of wallet”) are being pursued by those who place a premium on creating and getting more customers and clients.

Whether or not we acknowledge it publicly, we know that we need to produce more and better outcomes, with fewer resources, less people and restricted access to capital. We need to do this in challenging timeframes, with tighter budgets in a now aggressively competitive local, global & virtual marketplace. This a real-life challenge that requires us to maximise existing resources, but it’s something we can no longer afford to run or hide from anymore.

The major competitive advantage, and often the real USP, of an organisation is its people and their team work in productively using and driving our key systems, products and services. Successful sporting teams & businesses from smaller nations, have for many years shown the value of developing and having a well-organised, finely focused group of committed, cooperative and fully contributing team members. Team members who know and understand what everybody it is good at, and responsible for; and who know exactly when to get about putting these talents & skills into productive and effective action.

It’s been clearly established that people don’t leave “jobs”; they leave under-developed managers, low quality work relationships, mediocre cultures and non-engaging work environments. Smart leaders and managers know that they can’t afford for this to happen; and are actively investing their time & money to attract, engage and retain the people who can make a real difference … past survival to productive prosperity.

Today’s Leaders are those who…

  • Anticipate and Embrace Change, and who are Proactive and Prepared
  • Engage their Managers, Employees, Peers, Team Members and Networks
  • Know and Live their Values
  • Can Integrate the Big Picture – The Vision, The Mission and Goals into Progressive Steps and the Small Things That Really Matter
  • Can See, Sense and Work Through the Transitions of Change
  • Make Effective, Timely Decisions – and Weigh Up the Strengths within Themselves and & Their Teams and Deploy Them to Existing and Emerging Opportunities
  • Can Balance Stakeholder Emotional Intelligence Needs with Commercially Sound Judgments and Respond Wisely to Challenges at Hand

Professional roles & Industries

Business Owners
& Managers
HRM and People
& Culture Managers
Development (OD)
Coaches &
Business Advisors
Networking Groups
Real Estate
National & Local
Elite Performance
Athletes & Teams
Sales people &
Sales Manager

Real Change Leadership - (See - Think - Feel - Do) - People and Business Insights

Real Change Leadership - See - Think - Feel - Do - People and Business Insights

The Pathway Forward – Your 8 Steps Achievement Process

Knowledge, Understanding & Real Life Implementation Processes

  • Step 1– Future-proofing Leadership Needs Analysis
  • Step 2– Debriefing of Your:
    • a– Personal Talents & Skills Analysis & Coaching Report
    • b– Workplace Motivators & Core Values Analysis & Coaching Report
    • c– Behaviour & Communication Style Analysis & Coaching Report
  • Step 3– Mutually Defined, Program R.O.I. Agreement
  • Step 4– Regular One-on-One Program Mentoring
  • Step 5– Weekly Future-Proofing Workshops
    • a– Kick-off & Graduation Seminars
    • b– Real Life Application Exercises for Learning & Mastery
  • Step 6– Weekly Focus & Feedback Reports
    • a– Servicing Your Stakeholder Feedback Loop
  • Step 7– Mid & Post Program Evaluations
  • Step 8– 30, 60 & 90 Day Check-ups & Post Program Mentoring & Feedback

Explore - What's in it for you?

  • Deep Fact/Feeling-finding Analyses, Learning & Mastery, Action Exercises, Mentoring, Evaluations
  • Customised Process with Accountability Cycles & Stakeholder Feedback Loop
  • A 125% ROI Guarantee!
  • Focused Thorough, Results-Orientated Quality Leadership work
  • Collaborative Performance Feedback, Self-Awareness, Authenticity/Playing to Strengths
  • Relevant High-Payoff Topics & Actions demonstrating wise application of resources – Immediate Implementation of valuable ideas and processes backed by a clear Guarantee.
  • Development of refined self-awareness, authenticity and improved judgement & decision-making
  • On-the-job action exercises and implementation providing better & new results
  • Quantifiable time & manpower savings, variable and/or fixed cost savings, communication savings – straight to bottom-line
  • Commitment & Engagement, Smoother Teamwork by Accelerating Personal & Team Strengths
  • The thrill & the pride of designing, applying and realising success – collaboratively and individually
  • Where else can you get 100% return-COGS savings, reduced expenses, better revenue or improved profit + 25% extra in 24 weeks, or your money back?

Leaders are learners ... Are you willing to learn how to create a better future?

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