Innermetrix Accreditation – Weekly “Virtuoso” Mentoring Program

Innermetrix Accreditation Weekly “Virtuoso” Mentoring Program 17th of June 2020
  • June 17 - August 24, 2020
  • ONLINE - For quality interaction a maximum of 10 participants only.
  • 0433 126 146

Innermetrix Assessments are used by 1,700 consultants in 42 countries. ADVanced Insights Analyses & Leadership Coaching Reports – completed by over 6,000,000 people.

See The Invisible Mind
How people think, What they value, How they behave & communicate?

ATTRIBUTES INDEX – The “What?” Identifies and measures an individual’s thinking & decision-making style and 77 personal skills and talents.

VALUES INDEX – The “Why?” Measures an individual’s core motivation & personal drivers which predicts priority-setting and time management.

DISC INDEX – The “How?” Shows an individual’s behaviour, communication and emotions in normal and pressure situations.

The benefits to you
  • Join an Australia-wide Community with a diverse group of business managers, consultants & professional coaches.
  • Over 30 validation studies make our assessments the most comprehensive, accurate and powerful analyses & coaching reports in the marketplace.
  • Access & use patented marketing systems as part of your people and business development strategies.
  • Innermetrix Assessments can be customised to integrate with an organisation’s competency framework.
  • Ongoing support from Innermetrix.
A combination of unique processes & specialised knowledge

The ADVanced Insights Analysis and Coaching Report, customised for:

  • Leadership,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Customer Service,
  • Management,
  • Sales,
  • Finance/Financial Services,
  • IT,
  • Sales Management,
  • General Employment,
  • Elite Athletic Performance and
  • Job Benchmarking. How good is that?
People and Business Insights - Innermetrix Accreditation – “Virtuoso” Mentoring Program FABS
Innermetrix Accreditation – “Virtuoso” Mentoring Program online

Who should attend?
Coaches, Consultants, Career Professionals & Business Owners

Secure Your Spot: Early bird price $3,750+GST
For quality interaction a maximum of 12 participants only.
This Accreditation Program is highly interactive & involves weekly application exercises and study.

Now Online weekly via Zoom-adjusted for Coronavirus Circumstances

  • Preparation Phase (ideally 6-8 weeks before): Get involved NOW
    Accreditation Workshops-20 hours of pre-reading, audio listening & interactive activities, your personalised ADVanced Insights Analysis & Leadership Coaching Report & Debriefing.
  • Accreditation Workshops commence: June 17th, 2020
    Innermetrix Accreditation Weekly “Virtuoso” Mentoring Program – 8.00-10.00AMNow Online weekly via Zoom-adjusted for Coronavirus Circumstances

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Because we take you seriously we always work to understand you and your business completely. 

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Who should attend?

Coaches, Consultants and career professionals within areas of Leadership, Management, Recruitment & Selection and Sales Management.

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